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"Great initiative from the Edutine team! Our kids enjoy the class and the personal attention they get from their teachers. Thank you for taking the time out in this current situation. I am sure it has helped all the students and parent’s alike!" Sahana, Parent

~Sahana, Parent

What is Edutine? 

Edutine is a free online peer tutoring center where students can receive tutoring in a variety of subjects! It was first launched in April 2020, when the COVID-19 hit.

We connect tutors with those who want to receive tutoring, and classes are done through Zoom or Google Meet calls.

We offer many group classes, both academic and extracurricular.  Once the season group classes release, a tab will appear on our website for more information.


The classes are free of charge, and the tutors are mostly high school volunteers who have excelled in the course or are currently excelling in the course.


If all parties agree, the meeting calls can be recorded and sent to the student. In the tutor request form, the student and parent will be required to indicate whether or not they are fine with being recorded.


We aim to help, tutor, and teach students in a variety of subjects. 

We are in this together!

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