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"I wanted to say THANK YOU for the work you all are doing. I think that all families appreciate the efforts that you guys are putting into this program. I hope you were able to raise enough funds to register as a non-profit. We have had 2 tutors for my son Aarav and I want to say he absolutely looks forward to his classes every week. He gets so excited and actually is productive. He is more engaged with his tutor Aditi then he is with adults. Aditi does a great job keeping him engaged constantly with his favorite topics. Thank you guys for working so hard :-)" Karishma, Parent
"Edutine is a great online tutoring program. I take Piano and Bollywood Dance by Uditi Guha, Creative Writing by Kaviya Raja, and Spanish 1 by Varunavee Mohanraj. All tutors answer all my questions. They are very patient and explain the concepts well. I would highly recommend this service rate Edutine 5/5 star!" Aarushi, student
"This organization is really helpful to me! Thank you!" Vaibav, Parul's Grammar Student

"Great initiative from the Edutine team! Our kids enjoy the class and the personal attention they get from their teachers. Thank you for taking the time out in this current situation. I am sure it has helped all the students and parent’s alike!" Sahana, Parent

"I really Like Edutine, it was a fun experience. I was really bored when summer first started, now I am occupied." Anaga, Student
"Emma is very well versed in explaining the concepts. And makes the class interactive and interesting for the kids." Parent of Summer Term Speech Student
"I really enjoyed our classes, and I really like writing. Kaviya is an amazing teacher." Summer Term Creative Writing Student

"All tutors are super organised and very good with instruction. Highly appreciate this service!" - Akshatha, Parent

"This was a great class. I take 11 courses, and I have been enjoying this so much. First I thought tutoring would be as boring as school, but this is very interactive and fun. I also like how Edutine had a variety of subjects. Many tutoring websites have only school subjects, but this has art, and even coding. These are not school subjects. In all, I love Edutine, and I would give this a five star rating I would recommend it to any person," Saharsh, student
"This has been a fascinating experience for us. My entire family (kids and parents) is learning 2 new languages. Learning a new skill is hard but the language tutors are knowledgable and dedicated to teaching. They make learning fun and engaging. I feel so fortunate to have this positive experience during a stressful time. Thank you for creating this initiative and putting the time and energy to rally as a team to make the community stronger!" Vishal, Parent of Pippa's French student & Parul's Spanish student
"Sreehari helped me learn a lot of programs and he was very nice to be part of the class. Thank you," Summer Term Python Coding Student
"Sreehari helped me by explaining everything word by word when I was stuck." Summer Term Python Coding Student
"Tutoring with Edutine is very fun. I had nothing to do in the summer, so I signed up. All the tutors are very nice and take the time to teach me the concept. I am taking a lot of subjects, so you might think it is a lot of hard work, but it isn't. It doesn't even feel like work, and it is even fun. I really like that Edutine also has tutors for fun things like coding or creative writing. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars! Parul's Grammar Class was very interactive. She talked very well, and had good lessons with examples/practice. Kahoots were fun. Also, the 2 $5 gift cards were a good incentive. It was overall very good and I really liked it." Sarvesh, Student

"She has helped me learn a whole new language and taught me how to play my favorite instrument. I feel very thankful for that." Summer Term Spanish & Guitar Student

"Keerat has helped my daughter's grammar improve," Parent of Summer Term Advanced English Student

"Very nice experience, my kid loves the way the tutors teach. Very talented High Schoolers. My kid is very comfortable with teen tutors instead of Adult tutors. Thank you for giving a nice opportunity," Aruna, Parent
"Uditi has helped me by teaching me piano, and I only knew a little piano before I came to her. She has been teaching me since the beginning of June, and has always been punctual. She has a good way of teaching piano, and I really appreciate that. All the hardwork goes to her! Thank you SOOO much Uditi! :)" Summer Term Piano Student

"Emily taught very well, and I learned many things." Summer Term Speech Student

"It is really good," Subhashree, Parent

"Emily has taught me about impromptu speeches and much more. she has had lots and lots of fun with us too." Summer Term Speech Student

"Keerat is on time, has good knowledge, and keeps schedule" Parent of Summer Term Advanced English Student

"Riddhi makes the class really fun" Summer Term Elementary Writing Student
"Riddhi teaches different topics every class and also taught things I didn't know before." Summer Term Elementary Writing Student
"My daughter has been learning grammar from Parul Gupta, and looks forward for the class! Thanks Parul for creating this platform!" Parent
"Reva has helped me a lot learn world history. She gave us videos, interactive slideshows, fun homework, articles, Khan Academy, and much more. She is very nice and was fun to work with." Summer Term World History Student
"Sreehari is diligent, dedicated, efficient, timely and conscientious tutor. We are having a great experience with this tutor!" Parent of Summer Term Python Coding Student
"Emma is a very interactive teacher and her class was always fun filled," Summer Term Speech Student
"Emily is great at teaching all the difficult concepts!" Summer Term Pre-Algebra Student
"I didn't really understand symbols or analysis, but Emma always made time to work on these skills with me. In class, I wouldn't know the answer to her questions like what does ____ symbolize or why is this paragraph significant, but she asked follow-up questions that made me get to the answer by myself instead of just being told the answer. She was very patient and did this for every single student in the class which is awesome." Summer Term Advanced English Student
"My child enjoys learning from Emma, and he says that she makes the class very interactive. I can tell that Emma influences him a lot because he talks about how much fun he had learning history with Emma over the dinner table. Even when watching the class, I can tell that Emma lectures the topics very well and understandable, and she seems to love lecturing World History. My son told me that he likes history now because of Emma even when it was his least favorite subject before. She is the sweetest tutor." Parent of Summer Term World History Student
"This is a great organization you all have created! My family really appreciates the time and effort all the tutors put in to make sure their students are improving their education. My son has taken many classes with Edutine and he loved what he learned through the summer. It was a very productive summer! Thank you for all your help!" Vidya, Parent
"Parul is really organized and committed to teaching!" Summer Term Grammar Student
"I loved Parul's Grammar class. We got to play Kahoot, which is my favorite game. And, I learned a lot of stuff that I never even learned about!" AnanyaStudent
"Emily is great at teaching all the difficult concepts!" Summer Term Pre-Algebra Student
"My child enjoys learning from Emma, and he says that she makes the class very interactive. I can tell that Emma influences him a lot because he talks about how much fun he had learning history with Emma over the dinner table. Even when watching the class, I can tell that Emma lectures the topics very well and understandable, and she seems to love lecturing World History. My son told me that he likes history now because of Emma even when it was his least favorite subject before. She is the sweetest tutor." Parent of Summer Term World History Student
"We had Ana G for Spanish 2, Katherine S for Geometry & Erin for World History during this remote learning semester. A big THANK YOU to these amazing tutors who studied with my 10th grader & encouraged him more than I can ask for during this difficult time of learning. We cannot thank you enough for having this website & connecting us with tutors from all over to help us! We had just donated & plan on continuing with these great tutors! My 10th grader has also made great friends during this process!" Katie, Parent
"Zahria Thomas and Luminitza Manea are both phenomenal tutors.  They are engaging, positive, and really helping Aneesh through this challenging time.  Words cannot explain the gratitude I have for your organization.  Thank you for all that you are doing for these kiddos!" Meena, Parent
"Something special about this tutor was how nice Shayna was. She also helped me a lot with my reading comprehension skills," Fall Term Book Club & Art Student
"Very committed to teaching and applaud her for hard work on volunteering to teach Spanish. My son really loved learning from her and appreciates her help." Fall Term Intermediate Spanish Student
"Emma is very interactive and makes class fun," Summer Term Math Student.
"Aditi is awesome with Aarav. She brings a great balance of fun and learning. Our son enjoying his session with aditi and looks forward to it every week" Summer Term Reading & Math Student
"Emma taught everything we learned in a fun way and was very cool," Summer Term Advanced English
"Emma is really nice and not strict. Whenever one of us is lagging behind, she always helps out. She is also very funny and she makes her class so enjoyable that is doesn't seem boring," Summer Term Speech Student
"Arunan is an excellent tutor with great dedication. He really took time to make sure that the students really understood the concepts. His patience and demeanor was highly commendable," Summer Term Java Student
"Emma flows through the curriculum and makes it feel like she's telling a story rather than lecturing me on events in the world. Before, I never really liked history, and I thought it was boring honestly. When I told this to Emma, instead of being shocked or getting angry at me, she just laughed and said she'd change my mind. And she did. I think that's really cool because, now, I'm actually looking forward to learning history in school," Summer Term World History Student
"I think what is special about Emma is that she always has a smile on her face. She is never scary and never yells. She shares a lot of funny stories that make me and everyone else laugh. I like taking Speech class because I have a lot of fun and Emma makes me smile or laugh a lot which I think is a very good start to my day. I like seeing Emma smile and laugh because it makes me smile too! Emma has helped me by making speaking out loud easier for me. She taught me what a thesis is. That is very helpful," Summer Term Speech Student
"This is Vainavi's father who received the US History training from Keertana Gubbala, She is very dedicated, excellent in providing the training and it's really beneficial for Vainavi to onboard to the History quickly specially during these challenging times," Parent

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