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Algebra 1
(Honors) Geometry
(Honors) Algebra 2
(Honors) Pre-Calculus
* For all math courses, please make sure you have successfully completed the previous level.



Regular Biology
Regular Chemistry

Social Studies


Regular and AP World History
AP Psychology
Flute Lessons
Violin Lessons

Group Classes: Fall 2020 Offerings

Since many group classes are approaching their end date, sign-ups for Group Classes have now closed. Please check our website later for future term offerings!

Grammar for Grades 1-3 (FULL)
Grammar for Grades 4-6
Elementary Writing for Grades 1-3 (FULL)
Creative Writing for Grades 3-5
Creative Writing for Grades 6-8 (FULL)
Book Club for Grades 3-5 (FULL)
Book Club for Grades 6-8
Intro to Spanish (All Grades)
Intermediate Spanish (All Grades)
Intro to French (All Grades)
Intro to Chinese for Grades 6-8
Intro to Japanese for Grades 6-8
World History for Grades 6-8
Intro to Coding for Grades 3-5 (FULL) 
Java Coding for Grades 6-8 (FULL)
AMC 8 for Grades 5-8
Math Kangaroo for Grades 3-4 (FULL)
Math Kangaroo for Grades 5-6 (FULL)
General Science for Grades 3-5 (FULL)
General Biology for Grades 6-8
General Chemistry for Grades 8-10
Art for Grades K-2
Art for Grades 3-5
Art for Grades 6-8
Intro to Music

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