Our Lead Staff

Parul Gupta

  • Lead founder & President of Edutine

  • VP of Foothill’s Science Olympiad

    • 2 time medalist at Bay Area Regionals 

  • 6 time winner at Union City Recycles Art Contest

  • Co-Founder & VP of Foothill’s American Cancer Society 

  • Teacher for SpeakOut Foundation

  • VP of Foothill Speech and Debate

  • 3 time winner at Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair

  • Broadcom MASTERS Nominee

Emily Lu

  • Reachout Director & Secretary of Edutine

  • Actively volunteers

  • Speech Captain of Foothill High's Speech & Debate

    • ​Finalist at SCU Speech and Debate Invitational

  • Co-Founder & President of Foothill High's American Cancer Society

  • Violinist (4 years), Pianist (6 years), and Guitarist (2 years)

Yoonseo Choi

  • Communications Director

  • Junior at Foothill High School

  • Passionate in STEM classes

  • Secretary of Foothill’s Tri-Valley Music Honors Society

  • Competitive Dancer (4+ years)

  • Violinist (5+ years) 

Sindhu Gajjela

  • Public Relations Director & Logo Creator

  • Excels in STEM-oriented classes

  • Active member in Science Olympiad, medaling at regionals

  • Violinist (6 years) and saxophonist (2 years)

  • Involved in Foothill’s profound marching band

Ella Xu

  • Technical Manager

  • Junior at Foothill High School

  • Owner and operator of a small poultry operation

  • Spreadsheet Wizard

  • 2019 Recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award

To those who applied to tutor: Your bio will appear on this page as soon as you receive a student. Some tutors tutor in multiple subjects. If you have any questions, please email edutinetutor@gmail.com.

Luminitza Manea

  • Senior at Pine Ridge Secondary School

  • Excels in both artistic and analytical subjects

  • Published poet in two anthologies from Words, Rhymes & Life

  • Aspiring writer and high school English teacher

Meghna Thumri

  • Former concertmaster of two youth orchestras

  • Former soloist at East Bay Youth Orchestra

  • Currently plays in Peninsula Youth Orchestra

  • Performed for social service concerts

Shayna Guardamano

  • Junior at Mira Loma High School

  • Loves playing volleyball, running, and scrapbooking

  • Flute player for 7 years

  • Skilled in art, reading, and music

Eve Opeyany

  • Junior in High School

  • Loves helping others

  • Goal is to pursue a career in the medical field

  • Fun fact: Has been playing soccer for 7 years

Emma Le

  • Junior at Amador Valley High School

  • Active member of Speech and Debate Club

  • 2-time first place winner at Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair

Diya Pendyala

  • Placed 8th in a national neuroscience competition held at MIT

  • Part of Varsity Dance team at school, and dances outside as well

  • Part of Robotics, Red Cross Club, and South Asian Student Association at Notre Dame High School

Katharine Situ

  • Senior at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School

  • Treasurer of American Red Cross Club and MESA Club

  • Strong in STEM-related subjects

  • Pianist competing in the Music Teacher's Association of California Advanced Panel

Urvi Bhuwania

  • Sophomore at American High School

  • Part of Speech & Debate

  • On a competitive dance team outside of school

  • Interested in STEM

Sai Keertana Gubbala

  • Junior at Novi High School

  • Interested in STEM-related subjects

  • Skilled in teaching Chemistry/math-related subjects

Siya Kamboj

  • Junior at Moreau Catholic High School

  • Vice President of DECA and Red Cross Club

  • Stage Manager in her school’s theater program

  • Intern at MAGIC Mentoring, an NPO that tutors young girls in STEM subjects.

Lishan Guan

  • Senior in high school

  • Enjoys doing traditional Chinese calligraphy

  • Very proficient in math

Yasha Rachakonda

  • Sophomore at School of Science and Engineering

  • Aspiring to be an engineer to build/work with robots

  • Enjoys hanging out with friends and playing games.

Aisvaryaa Dhama

  • Junior at The Wheatley School

  • Strong in STEM-related subjects including biology and high school math

  • 3+ Years of Spanish

Surya Jasper

  • Won awards in several hackathons

  • Board member of school's programming club

  • Writes code for school's FRC robotics team

  • Co-founder of school's game development club

  • Proficient in 8 programming languages

Erin Kirstie Del Mundo

  • Current Sophomore in High School

  • Maintained a 4.0 GPA since Middle School

  • Part of the Compacted Math Program since Middle School

  • Enjoys dancing, singing, and volunteering

Rachel Mathew

  • Junior at Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville, FL

  • Highly skilled and proficient in math

  • Is an avid storyteller and likes telling stories to friends and family.

Seoyeon Roh

  • Passionate student who would love to try her best to help other students

  • Highly Skilled in Math, Korean -English, History

  • Native Korean (Lived in Korea, went to school in Korea, and can speak, read, write in Korean fluently)

Mason Valentine

  • Sophomore at Dublin High School in California

  • Has taken math courses such as Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with Trig, and Precalculus

  • Likes to swim, play video games, code, and read in his spare time.

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