Our Lead Staff

Parul Gupta

  • Founder & President of Edutine

  • VP of Foothill’s Science Olympiad

    • 3-time medalist at Bay Area Regionals 

  • Teacher for SpeakOut Foundation

  • VP of Foothill Speech and Debate

    • reaching elimination rounds at various tournaments​

  • Broadcom MASTERS Nominee

  • 2021 Scholastic Awards Recipient

  • My artwork: tinyurl.com/parulpaints

Reva Agarwal

  • Technical Director of Edutine

  • Freshman at Mission San Jose High

  • 2 time medalist at Bay Area Regionals (Science Olympiad)

  • Loves to read, code, bake, and draw

  • Has 5 years of Robotics experience (FLL /FTC)

  • Girl Scout (10 years) reaching elimination rounds at various tournaments​

  • Coding project: tinyurl.com/revacoding


Prisha Purohit

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 11.25.46 AM.pn

  • Tutor Manager of Edutine

  • Pianist (10 years) and guitarist (2 years)

  • Part of Foothill's marching band and Tri-Valley Music Honor Society

  • Involved in the theatre program at Firehouse Arts Center

  • Music aficionado

To those who applied to tutor: Your bio will appear on this page as soon as you receive a student. Some tutors tutor in multiple subjects. If you have any questions, please email edutinetutor@gmail.com.

Luminitza Manea

  • Senior at Pine Ridge Secondary School

  • Excels in both artistic and analytical subjects

  • Published poet in two anthologies from Words, Rhymes & Life

  • Aspiring writer and high school English teacher

Meghna Thumri

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.25.07 PM.png
  • Former concertmaster of two youth orchestras

  • Former soloist at East Bay Youth Orchestra

  • Currently plays in Peninsula Youth Orchestra

  • Performed for social service concerts

Yasha Rachakonda

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 5.51.01 PM.png
  • Sophomore at School of Science and Engineering

  • Aspiring to be an engineer to build/work with robots

  • Enjoys hanging out with friends and playing games.

Aisvaryaa Dhama

  • Junior at The Wheatley School

  • Strong in STEM-related subjects including biology and high school math

  • 3+ Years of Spanish

Mason Valentine

  • Sophomore at Dublin High School in California

  • Has taken math courses such as Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II with Trig, and Precalculus

  • Likes to swim, play video games, code, and read in his spare time.

Katharine Situ

  • Senior at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School

  • Treasurer of American Red Cross Club and MESA Club

  • Strong in STEM-related subjects

  • Pianist competing in the Music Teacher's Association of California Advanced Panel

Urvi Bhuwania

  • Sophomore at American High School

  • Part of Speech & Debate

  • On a competitive dance team outside of school

  • Interested in STEM

Sai Keertana Gubbala

  • Junior at Novi High School

  • Interested in STEM-related subjects

  • Skilled in teaching Chemistry/math-related subjects

Ana Gomez

  • Sophomore at Winter Park High School

  • Member of the National Honor Society (NHS)

  • President of the Mock Trial Team

  • Secretary of the Law Society

  • Tutor with Army of Angels

  • Guitarist (5+ years)

  • Native Puerto Rican (speaks fluent Spanish)

Kyree Cooke

  • High School Senior at Bravo Medical Magnet High School

  • Loves reading and writing

  • Fun Fact: Los Angeles Metropolitan Debater for over 4 years

  • Passionate about becoming a Nurse Practitioner

Ehssan Kanamkandy

  • Junior at Foothill High School

  • Favorite subject is History Strong with English, Math and French

  • Competitive Basketball Player (6+ years)

  • Enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends

Esther Na

  • Sophomore at Foothill High School

  • Strong in subjects such as Math, English, Spanish, and History

  • Loves working with kids

  • Enjoys reading in her free time

  • Part of the Foothill Cross Country team

Alexandra Clemon

  • Sophomore currently studying Psychology, Pre-Medicine at Texas Tech

  • Loves interacting with students and volunteering in her free time, and has done so for the past 3 years at 6 Stones church

  • Intern for the Residence Hall Association and serves as the National Communication Coordinator

  • Very dedicated, organized, and understanding

Samyiah Bryant

  • Junior at Narbonne High School

  • Interested in STEM studies

  • Apart of Associated Student Body

  • Events Chair of Mental Health Awareness club

  • Aspiring Nurse Practitioner

Ivan Li

  • never makes a student feel uneducated for not knowing something (judgment-free zone)

  • has been in the band for 8 years, also on the swim team and robotics team

  • enjoys watching TV shows and listening to music to release stress and favorite food is the Dragon roll at Fuji.

Ivan Li - Ivan Li.jpg

Saivi Sahijpal

  • Freshman at James Logan High School

  • Member of JLHS Forensics/ Speech & Debate

  • Has done competitive dance for 10 years

  • Skilled in STEM-related subjects

Nathan Grant

  • Freshman at SRVHS  

  • Member of the GATE and ATP accelerated programs for 6 years

  • Skilled at math, science, and history

  • Likes playing guitar, hiking, and acting

Siya Kamboj

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.12.54 PM.png
  • Junior at Moreau Catholic High School

  • Vice President of DECA and Red Cross Club

  • Stage Manager in her school’s theater program

  • Intern at MAGIC Mentoring, an NPO that tutors young girls in STEM subjects.

Shayna Guardamano

  • Junior at Mira Loma High School

  • Loves playing volleyball, running, and scrapbooking

  • Flute player for 7 years

  • Skilled in art, reading, and music

Eve Opeyany

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 6.10.44 PM.png
  • Junior in High School

  • Loves helping others

  • Goal is to pursue a career in the medical field

  • Fun fact: Has been playing soccer for 7 years

Emma Le

  • Junior at Amador Valley High School

  • Active member of Speech and Debate Club

  • 2-time first place winner at Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair

Erin Kirstie Del Mundo

  • Current Sophomore in High School

  • Maintained a 4.0 GPA since Middle School

  • Part of the Compacted Math Program since Middle School

  • Enjoys dancing, singing, and volunteering

Rachel Mathew

  • Junior at Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville, FL

  • Highly skilled and proficient in math

  • Is an avid storyteller and likes telling stories to friends and family.

Seoyeon Roh

  • Passionate student who would love to try her best to help other students

  • Highly Skilled in Math, Korean -English, History

  • Native Korean (Lived in Korea, went to school in Korea, and can speak, read, write in Korean fluently)

Sowkya Namburu

  • Sophomore at American High School

  • Pianist (8 years)

  • Skilled in subjects including Biology, high school mathematics, Spanish, and History

  • Bollywood (4 years) and Hip-hop dancer (2 years)

  • Part of the mock trail team at American High school

Laasya Kolli

  • Loves going on hikes and the outdoors

  • Attends Lynbrook High School

  • Loves doing pre-algebra and math

  • Loves English because it is very engaging

Adelina Chau

  • Freshman at Archbishop Mitty High School

  • Enjoys teaching and interacting with students

  • Skilled in Math, Biology, and Mandarin

  • Loves coding

Donna Chen

  • Outstanding in Math

  • Band and Choir (7+ years)

  • Passionate about helping others

  • Received Citizenship award when Graduated

  • Received award for Outstanding grade for all my graduation

  • Enjoys singing and playing the Ukulele 4.0 GPA since middle school

Shyam Polisetty

  • Currently enrolled in Honors English 10 and Precalculus

  • Has experience teaching (although not officially) to the kids in community

  • Has done Global reading in elementary for 2 years

  • Destination Imagination for a year in middle school and went to regionals

Janet Bai

  • Junior in high school

  • Passionate about aerospace and robotics

  • Enjoys 3D modeling and building physical models

Nehir Cetin

  • Freshman in High School

  • Recruiter in Mental Health Awareness Club

  • National Junior Honor's Society student

  • Graduate Middle School with Triple C Award (courage, character, and commitment to learning).

Adunifeoluwa Olawale

IMG_8114 - Adun Olawale.JPG
  • a fifteen-year-old student at Frederick Douglass High school

  • has been in the highest classes since middle school and is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at his school

  • has experience teaching younger kids when he previously volunteered in the Children’s Department at his Church

  • eager to help tutor younger children in need of academic support

Ridge Huang

  • Junior at Foothill High School 

  • Captain of U-17 National Frisbee Team "Aftershock" with a 3rd place finish in 2018 

  • Secretary of Interact Club

  • Treasurer of Biotechnology Club

  • Skilled in various subjects such as history and math

Minji Bu

20210107_180958 - Joanne Bu.jpg
  • Violin (5+ years)

  • Enjoys journaling, writing, and science

  • Part of school’s MUN team and orchestra

  • Taught math subjects to elementary students in the past

  • Participated in a book club since kindergarten

Davit Avetisyan

  • Sophmore at Marlboro High School

  • Involved with music for 9 years.

  • Loves cooking and sports

  • Diligent student 

Vera Allue

  • Spanish sophomore (Peruvian and Spanish)

  • Passion for learning languages (English, Portuguese, Catalonian) and sharing knowledge 

  • Experienced in tutoring 

  • Love teaching Maths to younger kids 

  • Debate Club

  • Robert has always risen up to the challenge of doing good in school by having an A GPA since elementary school

  • Student at Crescenta Valley High School

  • Enjoys learning and teaching subjects such as chemistry, math, and Spanish

  • Three-time podium finisher at AESA Science Olympiad in middle school

Luca Ferrucho

  • Luca Ferrucho is a freshman and 9th grader in high school

  • Luca has served as a tutor for the National Junior Honor Society at his previous middle school for 2 years

  • Luca spends his days after school participating in debate competitions, mu alpha-theta, student government association, class of 2024 co-treasurer, and the astronaut club for his high school

Robert Dergharapetian

Solomie Ghebreegzabheir

Ghebreegzabheir_Solomie-tld28008-365 (1)
  • has a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry. 

  • loves outdoor activities

  • a dog person

  • loves school and music. 

  • does some yoga and meditation during spare time.

Anika Rao

AnikaRao - Anika Rao.JPG
  • Junior at Amador Valley High School

  • Excels in STEM subjects (wants to pursue medicine in the future)

  • Loves to hike, swim, sing, and play guitar!

Sachi Kataria

  • High School Sophmore at Loudoun Country High School

  • Strong in STEM related subjects and loves learning about history 

  • Wants become a computer programmer 

  • Fun Fact: Own a website that talks about self-love (sachikataria.com) 

Manasvi Pula

  • Current freshman in High School

  • Completed Math courses like Algrebra I/II; Geometry, Trig and currently doing Pre-Calc

  • Passionate in the field of STEM and Entreprenuership

  • Fun Fact - loves playing the ukulele, baking, reading and doing yoga

Daksh Shekar

  • Daksh passed his math courses with high grades

  • Enjoys working/teaching other people

  • Has finished the world history course multiple times

  • Plays basketball and keeps active in his free time.

Sydney Basinger

IMG_1562 - Sydney Basinger.JPG
  • Tutor in English (elementary-high-school level), Debate, Creative writing, Chorus, Physical Education

  • Avid reader

  • Runner

  • Animal Lover (owns five pets)

Anish Rao

  • Anish Rao swam competitively 5 days a week up until quarantine

  • He aims to become a lawyer when he grows up

  • He is a bright student with high hopes for the future

Baran Abbasi

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 8.09.43 PM.png
  • Currently a sophomore student

  • 4.0 GPA since Middle School

  • took specialized courses in Java, HTML, and creative writing

  • plays the piano for 6+ years

  • loves playing Water Polo and swimming

Dev Shetty

  • Sophomore at Mission San Jose High School

  • Favorite subject in school is math, enjoys English as well

  • Likes to play tennis and play the piano in his free time

  • Has performed at Carnegie Hall

You-Fu (Jeffrey) Chen

  • Freshman at Moreau Catholic High School.

  • 9th grade representative in international student council (from Taiwan!)

  • A big sports lover, plays baseball, cycling, and cross country. 

  • Violinist (7+ years) 

  • Loves science.

  • Has performed at Carnegie Hall

Devon L'Esperance

  • a junior in high school

  • enjoys math and science. 

  • Devon has achieved High Honors every semester in high school

  • Devon is currently the president of her Entrepreneur Club and hopes to build her own company one day.

  • Fun fact, Devon has two different colored eyes!

Former Staff

Kaviya Raja

Former Treasurer of Edutine (April 2020-November 2020)

Emily Lu

Former Communications Director & Secretary of Edutine (June 2020-January 2021)

Yoonseo Choi

Sindhu Gajjela

Former Chairperson of the Board of Directors (June 2020-January 2021)


Public Relations Director & Logo Creator (April 2020-January 2021)

Ella Xu


Former Technical Manager & Treasurer of Edutine (November 2020-January 2021)