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Mini Edutine

Aarushi Gupta

  • Incoming 7th grader at Hart Middle School; Honor Roll student and part of student council

  • Manager of Edutine and director of Mini Edutine

  • Plays piano for senior citizens at a local nursing home

  • Has 4 years of Robotics experience (FLL) and started a club at her school

  • Enjoys Bollywood dance, playing the violin and piano, volunteering, and card-making 

  Tutors Math and Piano Levels Prep, 1.


Aansh Chopra

  • Bio coming soon

8F351103-ABC4-4202-987B-3503BEE82C09 - Suvina Tuli_edited.jpg

Veda Mungara

WebsitePhoto - Veda Mungara_edited.jpg

  • Incoming 8th grader at Joaquin Miller Middle School

  • Loves to play tennis, dance, and gymnastics (started in 3rd grade) 

  • Leadership and WEB student 

  • Currently in clubs that involve public speaking, art, magazine, STEM

  • Hopes to become a Web Developer/Designer in the future! 

Tutors Math, English, French 1A, and Basics of Web Development. 

Olena Datta

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-02 at 10.26_edited.jpg

  • 11 years old and going to 7th grade

  • hobbies include reading and playing basketball. 

  • favorite subject in school is Science. 

Tutors Math and Science.

Dhairya Kochar

00D743AB-5DFA-4226-A4AC-16B467681F86 - Dhairya Kochar_edited.jpg

  • Bio coming soon

Ved Kartik

Ved_Kartik - Archana sudamalla_edited.jpg

  • Bio coming soon

Prisha Kalra

37C92710-67B0-48BD-BF9F-8B7205E950D6 - Prisha Kalra_edited.jpg
  • 12 years old and incoming 8th grader

  • Currently in an accelerated math program at school

  • Hobbies include reading, playing tennis, dancing, and playing the piano

  • Is part of the student council at her school

  • Hopes to become a doctor in the future

Karthik Singamsetty

WIN_20220612_21_51_07_Pro - karthik singamsetty_edited.jpg

  • enjoys math and history

  • a 6th Grader at Cottonwood Creek

  • likes beans

  • design stuff

Tutors Math and Social Studies.

WIN_20220612_21_51_07_Pro - karthik singamsetty_edited.jpg

Subiksha Shri Palanisamy Mythili

IMG_7387 - Subiksha Shri PM.jpg
  • Incoming 6th grader at Lawson Middle School 

  • Loves Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam)

  • Plays the piano and the flute

  • Does martial arts

  • Hopes to become a doctor in the future

Tutors Math, English, and Science.

Nina Xue

IMG_0444 - Nina Xue.jpeg
  • Incoming 7th grader at the Dorris-Eaton School

  • Level 8 pianist

  • Enjoys reading and loves stuffed animals

  • Plays badminton at USBA

  • Constant competitor in the United States Open Music Competitions in violin and piano

  • Violinist in the California Youth Symphony Associate Orchestra

Tutors Violin at Edutine.

Prisha Agarwal

IMG_0632 - Prisha Agarwal_edited.jpg
  • in 6th grade

  • loves to swim

  • enjoys reading 

Tutors academic subjects from grades K-3.

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