Class Descriptions

Please make sure you view the timings before selecting classes. Some classes overlap.
Please remember that you may only select up to 4 Group Classes (a lot of classes are full).
Session 1 Dates: June 12 to July 10
Session 2 Dates: July 17 to August 14


Intro to Grammar


Wednesday, 3 PST (Session 1 and 2) 

This class serves as an intro to structuring sentences by learning the different parts of speech. There will be classes on nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, and interjections. Homework will be assigned after every class since mastery of the previous concept is required in order to understand the concepts taught in later classes.


Mondays, 11am-12pm PST (Session 1) 


This class introduces various Grammar concepts, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, objects, etc. Homework will be assigned after every class to ensure that all students understand the material taught. Once the sessions are complete, students will have a solid understanding of the basics of Grammar.


Fridays, 2pm-3pm PST (Session 2) 


This class will introduce newer topics. Students are expected to be comfortable with nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, interjections, and direct/indirect objects. The topics we will focus on are the following: prepositions/prepositional phrases, predicate adjectives/predicate nominatives, clauses (adjectival, adverbial, subordinate), conjunctions (coordinate, correlative, subordinate), commas, semicolons, colons, the 6 troublesome verbs: sit vs set, lie vs. lay, rise vs. raise, and verb tenses.

Advanced Grammar



Wednesdays, 9 AM PST (Session 1), GRADES 5-8 


In this course, students will learn about how to craft an original story that will grasp the reader's attention from the start to finish. By learning about the craft of Plot, Character, Settings, and Descriptions, and the Craft of Style, students will be able to refine their writing and learn to critique other writers. There will be some homework provided, and students will be expected to give their full effort and attention in class. By the end of this class, students will understand and correctly apply the separate steps into writing an engaging story.


Thursdays, 3 AM PST (Session 2), GRADES 9-12 

This class will cover the specifics of essay writing, such as the formations of an effective thesis, well-developed body paragraphs, and concise and clear conclusive paragraphs. You will also learn how to write essays that show cause and effect, compare/contrast, and argumentative papers. Additionally, proper grammar, and punctuation in essays will be reviewed. Homework will be provided to best teach the student how to put their unique ideas into words. This can include writing short paragraphs, full essays, and idea organizers. By the end of the class, students will be able to write full-length essays on anything they choose!



Thursday, 11am PST (Session 1), GRADES 3-6 


This class introduces HTML and some CSS including headings, images, paragraphs, links, lists, and the basics of styling websites. Homework, which will be given after every class, requires the students to steadily build a part of their website using concepts taught in class that day. By the end of the course, the student will complete their website and present it to the class if they feel comfortable doing so.


Mondays, 11am-12pm PST (Session 2), GRADES 4-6

An introductory course to the basics of the Python coding language. In class, we will cover variables, data types, arithmetic operations, and loops. Homework may be given to test the student's proficiency in what they have learned during the class. At the end of the course, the student will be comfortable with coding in Python and a good understanding of the basics of coding.


Intro to


Saturdays, 9 AM PST (Session 1), GRADES 3-5 


In this course, students will learn about basic Spanish grammar with small dialogues, paragraphs, songs, tongue-twisters, etc; to make learning Spanish more fun and to create an opportunity to learn a new language.



Tuesdays, 10AM PST (Session 1), Grades 7-12 


This course will offer students an introductory exposure to neuroscience. Class participation and engagement during discussions is expected. Some homework will be given after each class. This class will focus less on learning the chemical processes of the brain and instead focus on exploring the different, interesting topics connected to neuroscience. It will cover topics including brain structure and function, neurons, brain injuries and diseases, memory, and dreams. This class is perfect for students who are interested in getting a glimpse of what neuroscience is about.

Speech/Public Speaking

Thursdays, 3 pm PST (Session 1)


This class will cover the essentials of public speaking and speech. These include an introduction to rhetoric devices, persuasion techniques, and other forms of argumentation. This class will also oversee public speaking skills such as eye contact, posture, gesture movement, and other skills needed to perform well in a speech or interview setting. In class, we will practice giving speeches on a wide variety of topics so everyone and anyone can feel comfortable about giving a speech.

Book Club

Tuesdays, 3:30pm PST (Session 2), GRADES 5-8 

This class goes far beyond your typical book club, a club where people read a book and enjoy enlightening discourse such as "My favorite character was the pig." This class is dedicated to finding meaning. Why would the author have this character mention something as seemingly random as they did? What is the purpose of that metaphor? This club is going to introduce kids on the brink of or in middle school to the world of analysis. There will be games and prizes! Homework will involve reading certain chapters of the book in order to analyze it in class, and proof will be requested in the form of questioning in class.

International Pop Dance

Saturdays, 9 AM PST (Session 1), GRADES 4-8


Pop dance, or "popular" dance consists of upbeat choreography to contemporary hit radio and popular music. This class will consist simple yet catchy choreographies that are fun for anyone to learn and perform. The music will be compiled from several different countries and languages, hence the name 'international'. Students will be required to keep their cameras on and angle them to somewhere where they are able to have space to dance. Genres will include English, K-pop, Bollywood, etc. The steps taught during each session will be recorded and sent to the students for practice at home. We will perform a "recital" towards the end of the class to showcase the techniques learned throughout!


Wednesdays, 3:30 PM PST (Session 1), GRADES 6-8 [FULL]

Ever wondered how card makers, calligraphers, wedding designers, and artists get their handwriting to be so bubbly and fancy? That's because they've mastered the exquisite art of handlettering! During this class, students will learn the basics of handlettering, how they can apply the art to an artistic prompt, and find their personal lettering technique. Students are required to acquire smooth high-quality paper (in, some sort of brush pens (they can be Crayola markers, but Tombow dual brush pens are always preferred), and creativity for the class! Each week, students will need to practice handlettering parts of the alphabet (and later on simple words) in order to gain muscle memory. Discussion will be encouraged throughout the class to create a fun and innovative environment.

Stand-up Comedy

Wednesdays, 3:30 PM PST (Session 1), GRADES 6-8

This course is the perfect opportunity for middle schoolers to gain a basic understanding of stand-up comedy. They will learn about various facets of comedy such as tone, style, timing, etc. They will discover the different kinds of jokes and learn how to write a stand-up of their own! We will hold a showcase at the end of the class to give the students an opportunity to show off what they have learned and present their creations. There will be opportunities to play games and potentially win prizes. Homework will be minimal, kept to a worksheet at most. However, there will be opportunities to complete extra assignments for extra credit in our games. (I will rewrite this description when the class is posted as open to signups)


Thursdays, 3:30 PM PST (Session 2), GRADES 5-8


This course is perfect for 5th to 8th graders who have been wondering about the theory behind fitness. Influencers and bodybuilders seem to have flawless physiques and effortlessly work out, while those moves leave normal people exhausted in minutes. Join this class to learn more about the theory of fitness. How does it work? Which exercises work where and on what parts of your body? What role do bones/muscles/other parts of your body play? What are the differences in fitness in various cultures and which types work "the best"? There will be games and prizes, and minimal to no homework other than to practice the most recent lesson. This class will consist of 1/2 theory, 1/2 practice of the theory. Expect to leave more knowledgeable in the world of fitness - AND more fit, of course! (I will rewrite this description when the class is posted as open to signups)

Speech/Public Speaking

Wednesdays, 3 pm PST (Session 2)


This class will introduce the mechanics of public speaking. We will practice some of the important skills needed such as speaking clearly, eye contact, hand movements, and other introductory skills for this age group. We will be practicing giving short speeches on subjects students are interested in and learn how to build confidence in the topics they are speaking about. In class, we will have everyone speak impromptu and help the students build onto their topics. By the end of these sessions, students will feel much more comfortable speaking.