FAQs for Tutors

Q: What is the process for applying to become a tutor?

A: Please visit the “Apply” page of our website (www.edutine.com). First, you will fill out the application. Then, an Edutine staff member will interview you. After taking both your application and interview into an account, if you are accepted, you will go through an orientation.

Q: Whom do I email for questions?

A:  We have a special email designed for tutor inquiries. Please email edutinetutor@gmail.com.


Q: I am now a confirmed tutor, but I haven’t received any students yet. When will I know when I can start tutoring?

A: After tutors are confirmed, they are put onto a waiting list. When a student submits a request for tutoring, we will check our waiting list to see if there are any compatible tutors. We will contact you when you have been assigned a student. Generally, all confirmed tutors will eventually receive a student to tutor. Once a tutor is actively tutoring a student, we will add his/her biography to the website.


Q: I already am tutoring some students, but I don’t see my biography up on the Edutine website. When will my biography come up?
A: Our Website Editor updates the website once every couple of days. If you do not see your biography after a week, please email us.


Q: What video calling platform can I use for sessions?

A: Really, anything that works with both you and your students. Most tutors use Zoom (free, 40 min limit) or Google Meet. Once we have acquired enough funds, we will consider purchasing Zoom Pro to allow tutors to hold their group classes without any time limits. 


Q: How many hours should I expect to volunteer each week?
A: We generally prefer if tutors can volunteer 4 hours per week; however, tutors are required to serve a minimum of 3 hours per week.

Q: Do I need to send any sort of evidence that I am tutoring?

A: Yes, we require all tutors to send all of their class links (whether that is a Google Meet invitation, a Zoom link, or a Google Hangouts chat) to edutinetutor@gmail.com. Whether the tutor wants verification or not, all class links must be submitted to us prior to the beginning of the class.


Q: What is verification?
A: Edutine does not record the number of hours each tutor does. This means that if anyone ever asks how many hours a certain tutor has completed, unless the hours have been verified, we would not be able to supply an answer. If a tutor wants their hours to be documented/recorded, they must go through the verification process.

Q: How can I get my hours verified?

A: Once you are accepted as a tutor, we will give you a form to fill out after each session. At the beginning of the class, you will take a screenshot at the start and at the end of your class with you, your student(s), and the time/date. If your student(s) feel(s) uncomfortable being pictured, you are allowed to have him/her turn off his/her camera. The form must be submitted the same day of the session. Then, you answer the questions on the form and attach the screenshots.


Q: Can I receive volunteer hours?

A: Great question! Edutine is a registered non-profit within the State of California and has 501(c)(3) status from our Fiscal Sponsor (IFERS). If you are looking to receive senior hours or hours for any school assignment, you may want to check with your school first if they will accept hours from us; this can depend district to district. It is the tutor’s responsibility to obtain approval from the school. However, we are happy to supply the school with any documents that prove our status as a non-profit.


Q: Can I tutor my students in-person as long as we wear masks?

A: No. All classes must be done via video calls. Under no circumstances should tutors meet their students in-person. 


Q: I’m in middle school. Can I tutor students?

A: Unfortunately, we are limiting our pool of tutors to high school students. However, if you are keen to become a tutor, you may apply on the tutor application. Please select 9th grade but specify your actual grade level in the comments section before submitting it. Please keep in mind that middle-school applicants will have to go through a more selective process.

FAQs for Parents & Students

Q: Can I join my child’s class?

A: Of course. It is advised that you join in, especially if your child has trouble focusing in class.

Q: How can I provide feedback?
A: On our website, you should see a “Reviews” tab. There, a google form is linked in which you can provide any feedback/reviews. We deeply thank those who provide meaningful feedback as we use all responses to make any possible changes to our tutoring sessions, so we can provide students and tutors with the best experience possible.


Q: How can I give back to Edutine?
A: We are glad you are willing to help us out! If finances isn’t an issue for you, you may check out the “donate” tab on our website. All money received is funded towards enhancing the experience for both students and tutors. As we are a non-profit, we are not allowed to use any funds for personal benefit. Some of the costs that we are in need of fulfilling include, but are not limited to: zoom premium for tutors/students, fees to maintain non-profit status, Edutine’s personalized email, prizes for students in our group classes at the end of each session, and more. Feel free to email us at edutinereachout@gmail.com if you made a donation and want exact details on which purchase your donation contributed to. 


Q: How many classes can I take?
A: You may take up to 7 classes in each session. Some classes provide homework, and in the summer, we noted that some students struggled to juggle the amount of homework they had, due to enrolling in many classes. Some tutors must provide homework to their students to ensure that they are appropriately learning.  You are allowed to opt out of any class at any time, but you must inform us ASAP at edutinereachout@gmail.com, so we can give your spot to the next person on the waiting list. 

Q: What is the benefit of joining a group class? 

A: Group classes will consist of students with similar experiences and grade levels. Group classes can allow students to learn from others and take on different perspectives. Our group classes also follow a very different format than our one on one classes, which are mostly for those who are looking to seek additional help on something they are working on in school or want clarification on. For example, if a student taking Algebra II wants help in understanding polynomials, we strongly advise taking the one on one classes.